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8 Real Reasons Why Nepal is Not Developed Country?

Why Nepal is not developed country? :- We know that the Nepal is not the developed country. Political instability, lack of industrialization, corruption are some of the reasons why Nepal is not developed country.

What are the reasons Why Nepal is not developed country?

1) Political Instability:

Among one of the key reasons why Nepal is definitely not a developed country, political instability stands out to be the first .For years, Nepal has been allocated to political debates. It’s been 10 years and in recent decades there have been a considerable accomplishments, however the political instability is the crux of the problem where insecurity intersects with growth.

Nepal is actually the world’s newest republic, yet it is struggling hard to appreciate the new constitutions around the country, yet it is unquestionably a great achievement for democratic processes and beliefs.

2) Lack of industrialization

Lack of industrialization has likewise made a void in Nepal’s under-development. Nepal does not have a wide market and the presence of political instability and oppression has forced investors to avoid the Nepalese market.


The nation has many revenue resources, such as many herbs and shrubs, timber and many raw materials, yet all the resources available are steadily decreasing due to lack of proper use.

The government has not shown any interest in cultivating or has arranged for any FDI to use such tools to stabilize the nation.

3) Corruption

Another issue of Nepal is corruption. Invariably, the world’s poorest countries are the most corrupt, and the already collapsing mechanisms that could help build go to ruins, which is actually what has happened and what is going on in Nepal. There is corruption in the political and bureaucratic processes.

Since they are in ruins, nobody wants to go to public schools or public hospitals, however everyone wants a public service job to get government benefits and furthermore make something as an afterthought.


A call from a political party leader can give you a chance in places you wouldn’t envision, so the worthy candidate gets dismissed and this creates a mentality in the individuals that no good thing can emerge from this nation. Low wages, less opportunities and grievances almost often contribute to skilled, trained and qualified employees traveling to another country.

4) Culture, Race, Religion and Identity:

In landscape as well as in culture and religion, Nepal is a very diverse nation. Nepal has in excess of hundred dialects with the size of the state of Colorado and culturally diverse individuals live from northern Nepal to southern Nepal.

In spite of the fact that the majority of Nepalese are Hindus and Buddhist, in contrast to other religions, the religion itself is basically liberal. These religions are profoundly embedded in issues that give rise to racial and caste-based society. Not only does it build the multi-layers of culture, yet it additionally causes disparity among men and women.

This is a major backslash in the nation’s growth. This creates the layers of society that need to fill the distance between them for a long time. 

5) Geographic Proximity:

Nepal is a land-locked nation and its neighbors are China and India. In spite of the fact that Nepal’s geography is often compared to Europe’s tiny nation like Switzerland, the apathy of the neighboring country towards Nepal is truly frustrating and disappointing. 

In spite of the fact that Nepal has a longstanding relationship with India, Nepal is continually struggling hard to get the fundamental services. It is costly to invest in infrastructure and services in light of the rugged mountains.  If well promoted, however, the adverse yet stunning landscapes can be good tourism properties.

6) Failed Diplomacy

What have we accomplished so far in the last two decades of global diplomacy to take benefits of the most impressive neighbors? –China and India. Not a penny. This is Nepal’s failed diplomacy.

In terms of utilizing their diplomatic abilities to solve the country’s dilemma, the last two years have been very positive for Nepal. The secret to the country’s growth should be this.

7) Lack of Positive and motivational thinkers:

Nepalese accuses others to an extreme. Regardless of whether it’s a political leader or a bureaucrat or a businessman or a citizen, individuals frequently feel comfortable blaming and forwarding the issue on to each other. There are few Nepalese who are truly excited about Nepal’s possibilities and can be a good example for acknowledging what Nepal has.

human efforts why nepal is not developed country

The young generation is little different, however in the modern world they have opportunities and alarmingly move to the developed nation. In the last decade, there has been a lot of progress in education and telecommunication, yet few motivational speakers exist in Nepal to draw and empower young people to have a better future and prospects for what we have, rather than being a damaging miniature criticism.

In terms of accomplishments, Nepal needs to be more optimistic and certain.

8) Citizens are secondary:

People should be viewed as every country’s turning point, since they are the primary weapons that transform the nation and change every government’s thinking. They should be regarded as the country’s potential decision-makers.

The facts demonstrate that if the citizens of a nation are more informed and aware of domestic and foreign scenarios, politics and political parties, policies, and other subjects, then it will not take so much time for nations such as Nepal to absorb the mind blowing accomplishment in the field of advancement.

Nepal does not have a better leader nor a capable administration; likewise, the citizens of the nation are also not interested in the election system. They can’t seem to vote the right and eligible person into power. The definition of development is classified in different ways in today’s world and varies in thinking from individual to individual.

In Nepal, A similar obsolete point of view is making the nation loaded up with paddy bugs inside it. Nepal has resources, yet they are not properly utilized.

Hence, the momentum of growth in this country is greatly retarded. At present, the new political parties and leaders are busy learning and acquiring for themselves alone. They have no tension over making the nation stronger, but instead have just the astuteness of making their families more extravagant and all the more all-around set.