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What Time Is It In Pokhara Nepal?

Have you ever wondered what time is it in Pokhara Nepal? The answer to that question is never as straightforward as one would like it to be. This Himalayan country is full of surprises and if you plan on visiting for a short vacation, there are certain things you need to know about to make sure you have the most enjoyable experience possible.

Weather is the first factor to consider. While the monsoon season in India usually sees plenty of tourists and backpackers heading out to this part of the country for their honeymoon, the weather in Nepal can vary significantly throughout the year. Between the months of April and October in the region, temperatures can reach a very high level. April and May, on the other hand, are typically not too hot and may show some hints of showers.

Nepal has a single international airport that offers three different airlines to serve passengers. From the airport, visitors can travel to any major city in the country or further afield using either the domestic or the international flights.

Of course, the weather should be considered as well. So how does it fare in terms of climate on different days throughout the year?

April and May are considered to be the most pleasant months in Nepal. The weather is cool and there are few upsets with the local and foreign tourists. There is also a high chance of precipitation, which is necessary to reduce the risk of accidents. If you were thinking about going for an extended stay in the country, April and May are your best bet.

June and July are colder and more likely to see rain. This will lead to delays in booking tickets. Other factors like the monsoon season and peak season are also influenced by weather.

So what time is it in Pokhara Nepal if the weather is fine? It is important to know the right time of the day as the weather can play havoc with your travel plans.

The best time to visit the town is from April to October. Since most of the hotels and travel agencies offer air service to the town, visiting during the off season is not a problem.

But if you are looking for a more cultural experience, make sure you visit the town during the month of September when the weather becomes hotter. Tourists from towns closer to Everest such as Kathmandu do not have much of a problem with this weather.

The temperature at night can get very cold. Even with air conditioning, the temperature can fall as low as 30 degrees Celsius. Visiting at this time will give you an opportunity to explore more of the nature surroundings. In case you plan to stay overnight, the temperature will not be as much of an issue.


However, if you are planning to visit a trekking lodge, then the weather will affect the kind of clothing you should wear.

Weather in Nepal can change quickly. So it is best to be prepared. If you do not want to experience bad weather, then you should spend time beforehand preparing for the weather. In case the weather turns bad on the day of your visit, you should be prepared to cope with it. You can either book a trekking trip to reach the summit or have someone accompany you who has trekked there earlier.

There is a school of thought that says the time of year matters. While it certainly does, the weather is not the only factor which affects it. Heavy storms are common in April and May.

It is important to check out a lot before hand to ensure that you have all the clothes and equipments required. Other than the clothes and equipment, you should also pack an extra pair of shoes in case of heavy rainfall. Snow is common phenomena from October to February.

In addition to the weather conditions, the season of the year also affects the traffic in and out of the place. The climatic conditions will play a major role in determining the rush hour. The main factors which determine what time is it in Pokhara Nepal are the monsoon season and the rainy season. The monsoon season generally affects the temperature and the rainfall.

When it rains the roads become slippery and this makes it difficult to drive. Similarly, there is a strong risk of accidents when people are rushing to do their work or shopping. When the weather is hot, it can be quite pleasant but once it starts to turn cold, things get more difficult.

current time in Pokhara Nepal

There are several factors like the climate, time of the year and the prevailing weather conditions which affect the climatic conditions and determine the rate at which the weather is changing. It is important to pay attention to all these factors when you are planning to visit the region.

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