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Top 10 Places to Visit in Nepal Before You Turn 30 Years of Age

You are not free and young forever. And, there are few things that you need to do while you are young and free, being traveling the first thing on this list. Traveling to different places in the world is a way to enrich your life and learn different things in life.

Amazing destinations around the world cater to the particular challenges and strengths of the twenty’s set. However, this might be easier said than done because of budget limitations as Nepalese students in their 20s cannot afford to travel to different places in a different corners of the world.

So, if you Nepali, to enrich your life and to widen your horizon, you need not travel to different countries. Rather, you can get the life changing experience from your own country as well. Nepal is a beautiful country with abundance of cultural and topographical variances.

There are over 100 different casts and societies that live peacefully with each other and by traveling to different places, you can get to see the real Nepal and Nepalese people in their original setting. Nepalese culture and tradition is what you need to know in your early twenties so that you can develop the patriotic feeling in you.


Similarly, 20s is the time when you are energetic and free. So, this is time for getting some adrenaline rush. Well, adventure sports is one way of out letting your energy. There are various places in Nepal which are difficult to go, yet provide your life changing experience.

Traveling to these places whiles you must get the experience of Rafting, trekking, bunzy and many more adventure sports. And, there is no better place than Nepal for getting to experience every adventure sport mentioned.

Traveling while you are young reshapes your world view and you realize who you are and what you want to become that will impact the rest of your life. So, if you are in your 20s and thinking of exploring Nepal, then just not think, save up and start planning for your trips as you might never get a chance again.

From exploring the world’s most rugged places to paragliding from the most beautiful place, here are the trips that you must take in when you can still handle the thrill.


10 Places to Visit in Nepal before you Turn 30

Rara Lake

One of the biggest and most beautiful lakes of Nepal, Rara Lake lies at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level and covers an area of around 11 square kilometers. This lake is surrounded by Rara national park to preserve the lake and protect the thousands of species of wildlife, and flora, and fauna that are abundantly available at the National Park.

Being at the shore of this lake and staring at the mesmerizing beauty of the lake and surrounding Himalayas is a divine experience only lucky people can have. So, if you want to be one of those lucky people, then you must head towards the Rara Lake.

A trek to Rara Lake is even more mesmerizing. The mountainous trek follows via different villages untouched by the modernization and finally takes you to the lake itself that is described as “a shimmering Blue Jewel that sits in a ring of snowy peaks”.

Khaptad national park

In the far western development region of Nepal, lies a protected area called Khaptad National Park. The park covers the area of 4 districts Accham, Doti, Bajura and Bajhang and covers around 225 square kms. This place is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal which is far from civilization or modernization but offers one of the best landscapes Nepal has to offer.

With lots of birds and animals, various landscapes, and thousands of kinds of vegetation, it is surely a place where none of the beauty has been arranged by human hands. Certainly, this is one place where you need to go during your 20s and learn about the nature, culture, and topology of Nepal.

Poon Hill

Poon Hill, a hill station in the Annapurna Foothills is one of the amazing spots in Nepal that offers unobstructed and amazing mountain views all around you. However, getting to the top of the Poon Hill is not an easy task. You need to trek to poon hill through the colorful foray which starts as well as ends at Pokhara.

The trekking trails lead you through dense forests, villages, icy waterfalls, and valleys. Each step of your trail provides you a new experience and adds up to your knowledge and understanding of your own country. Finally, the view from the hill is a die for. For every spot, you can get a tantalizing view of mountains all around you. This trek to Poon Hill is something that you need to do in your 20s to get a whole new experience and knowledge.

Everest Base Camp

Certainly, getting to the top of the highest mountain of the world and watching everything below you would be the ultimate dream of every youth out there. However, it is not feasible for everyone to attempt and climb the Mighty Everest.

It need years of training and practice. One thing that you ought to do in your twenties is to embark on a trek to Everest Base Camp. The 16 day long trek to Everest base camp offers you exhilarating flight to lukla, takes you through the lush rhododendron forest, let you learn the culture and challenges of Himalayan people and finally lets you be in the lap of the mighty Everest.

All these experiences in just 16 days would definitely a lift changing and exhilarating experience for you. So, who is up for the Everest base camp trek!! Embark on this trek and let yourself devour the nature and culture of Nepal.

Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazaar that lies at 3500 m above the sea level is the staging point for hiking up to the Everest. It is also known as the gateway to the Everest. More than being the beautiful city naturally, this small bazaar or city is a prosperous market that sells everything from Tibetan artefacts, climbing equipment to various types of cuisines of all around the world.

Just imagine being at the top of the world and getting everything you need- now that is something every Nepali would be proud of seeing. A historic hub, Namche is also famous famous yak cheese and butter.

So, to get the feel of the ancient culture of Sherpa people with the touch of modernization, you must visit the Namche Bazaar once in your life and that too before you turn 30. Getting to Namche bazaar is not an easy task and you need lots of strength and guts, so, it is better you embark on a trip to Namche bazaar as soon as you can.


Jomsom, also known as New Fort or Dzong Sampo, is a small town located at the altitude of around 2700m above the sea level in Manang District. This is one of the most beautiful cities of Nepal from where you can see the soaring peaks of Nilgiri and Dhaulagiri.

A trek to Jomsom or a visit to Jomsom reveals the spectacular diversity of Nepal at its finest. Throughout your journey from Pokhara to Jomsom, you can embrace a wide variety of people, terrain, and geographical diversity.

Finally, as you reach Jomsom, you get to be in the perfect small city that is loaded with lots of Tourists as well as typical Nepalese people. This is definitely one of the places where you need to be before you turn 30. 


Lukla, a small town in the Solukhumbu District is situated at 2800 meters above the sea level. It is a very popular place for visitors who wants to see the Himalayas of Nepal right in front of their eyes. This small city is popular for having a small airport that is known as one of the most dangerous airport in the world.

Though it is a little dangerous, the experience you get from traveling to Lukla airport via place is one of the best experience one can get. So, if you are a Nepali, then you must take the opportunity of being in the smallest airstrip and get that adrenaline rush before you reach 30.


Ghandruk is a beautiful village that is situated at an altitude of 2000 meters above the sea level. Mostly inhabited by Gurung People, it is the best places in Nepal to learn about the Gurung Culture and tradition. Everything about this place is totally traditional and rural.

From typical Nepali houses to tea houses, everything about this place is Nepal and is untouched by the western civilization. Also, yet another best part about this place is that you get to see the gigantic Mt. Machhapuchree right in front of your eyes.

Though traveling to this place might get a little stressful at times, but once you get to the village and observe the beauty of this place, I am sure you will get all our stress out within minutes. So, if you want to know Nepal, Nepali culture, and tradition, then Ghandruk is the place you must visit once in your life.

Upper mustang

If you want to be at the hidden world, then Upper Mustang is the right place for you. A trek to Upper Mustang takes you into a hidden world of Buddhists where the Tibetan-Nepalese Buddhists live. Surrounded by rocks, upper mustang is mostely barren landscape where there are small villages with bright color.

this gives the feel of being in the deserts as well. Despite being popular for having a completely desolate landscape, the culture and tradition of people living there is yet another major attraction for visitors and tourists. And, being a Nepali, you must know about the culture, tradition of Buddhists and Upper Mustang is the place from where you can get all this knowledge. So, a visit to Upper Mustang before you reach 30 is a must.

Gosainkunda Lake.

Situated in the Nepal’s Langtang national Park and positioned at an altitude of 4380 in the Rasuwa district covering a place of 1,030 ha, Gosaikunda is a destination that has been delineated as a spiritual website in line with Hindu mythology.

It is basically an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake surrounded by using superb mountainous view and is a full-size region of interest within the Dhunche-Helambu trekking path.

This trek adjoins the Langtang valley trek within the same district and the two treks may be blended, this trek can easily be completed teahouse style due to the supply of inns and hotels all alongside the trekking direction

As said earlier, travelling is the way to enhance your knowledge and reshape your understanding about the world. As a Nepali, you need to understand your own culture, tradition and by travelling to different places of the country, you can get the wider view of the country and develop the patriotic feeling as well.

Similarly, the 20s is the time when you are energetic and free. So, before you turn 30, get to all of the above-mentioned places and enhance your knowledge regarding the country, nature, and culture as well.  

Finally, I recommend you to save up and travel to every big or small place you can. If you are thinking of traveling, then just don’t think, rather pack your bags and embark on a trip while you are still young and free. It is better to visit the above-mentioned places first and explore other various places of Nepal.