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Explore Nepal : Places to See in Nepal

Places to see in Nepal

beautiful Nepal


Place generally believed to be seen by each person once in their lifetime. It’s a village located in the Dhankuta district of this Koshi zone situated in Nepal’s eastern development area. It lies at the borderline of this Sunsari and Dhankuta district.

It Is a little hill station and has been developed as a famous tourist destination. Normally, bhedetar is famed for its unpredictable weather illness. It alters its weather inside the instant; it may be covered with fog, but it alters its weather, showing itself within the present time.

This location is usually called”sailing dada.” It’s said that bhedetar title is given to the location from the traveler. Since there were plenty of sheep in this area, travelers called this location since bhedetar (the location with a great deal of bheda or sheep).

There’s an integrated tower called Charles tower whereby people may enjoy the gorgeous greenery of this valley and the gorgeous hills. The tower has got the title following the title of Prince Charles.


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Bhedetar, A gorgeous tourist place is a excellent spot for sightseeing, trekking, paragliding and hiking, a place to see once in a life.


It’s the place of this kulekhani dam. Kulekhani is famous after the kulekhani dam, constructed for its kulekhani hydropower project, that’s the nation’s only real reservoir – based electricity project up to now.

Kulekhani People globally visit this location for experience because this area is famed for adventure tourism. This location is a gorgeous panoramic landscape. Kulekhani is a calm location, and also the dam water reservoir adds beauty to the location. A lot of men and women increase into the kulekhani dam appreciating scenic and natural beauty. Boating and fishing could be achieved at several places across the reservoir, but it’s prohibited as this is a sensitive zone.


Kulekhani Was developed as a tourist location. Largely, the inner tourist likes to stop by this location and revel in the pure beauty from the point of view of experience.


Gokarneshwor Is a gorgeous place situated on the northwestern side of this town, Kathmandu. It’s located in the central development area of Kathmandu district at the Bagmati Zone of Nepal. It’s among the oldest forts in Nepal modern to the shift Narayan temple.

This Place is of historic, cultural, and cultural significance. In late August or early September, people see the gokarneswor temple to wash and to create offerings from the title of the fathers, living or dead, about a day named Gokarna aunsi. Gokarneswar is among Nepal’s heritage since it’s its own cultural and sociological importance and historic importance.

In accordance with the historians, our lovely nation Nepal was ruled in the capital city named Gokarna, which will be a gorgeous village now. It’s also stated that Jung Bahadur Rana produced a little hunting book to hunt the deer at this location to keep his searching fire until he grows older. He had a brick constructed all over the book.

Now, the woods is in good form and can be utilized by the golf fans and also the borderland teams to offer corporate leaders a”back to basics” direction program. Other than this, the existence of deer, birds, and other small towns can also be in abundance.

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For A day to go to inside the Kathmandu valley with mythical and historical significance, gokarneswor could function as one.


Tumling Is a small and gorgeous place that’s found in the eastern part of Nepal. The gorgeous location, tumling, is situated in jogmati VDC at Illam district of this mechi zone of Nepal’s eastern development area. This gorgeous place is chiefly composed of Gurung households, together with the entire population being a mere 15 in amount.

Tumling Is a little area with a more important tourist attraction. This location is chiefly renowned for hiking. It’s approximately 10.5 km uphill from manebhanjan, along with the manebhanjan is your area where the trek begins. Since the people hit tumling, the little cabin and huts are observed in a distance.

This is the home place in which 10 to 12 Nepalese men and women reside. From this location, many people and trekkers trek around sandakphu. This location also caters to the tiny huts and personal lodges into the trekkers and tourists who want to keep here.

The scenic view of the Kangchenjunga range could be understood in the mountain lodge constructed in this area. Considering that Nepal and India’s boundary is blurred, the folks from India or Nepal as well as foreigners can go to this area having an Indian visa. There’s not any limitation; it’s a freeway for everybody.

The Tourist attraction place from the eastern Himalayan area, tumling, is your gorgeous spot to unwind and unwind together with character.


It’s a gorgeous place which brings both inner tourists in addition to foreigners.

Ghandruk The best way to track is simple and can be accommodated with different essential facilities. The small and gorgeous village is a much-used path to the Annapurna sanctuary and also the Annapurna base camp( also known as ABC by trekkers).

So it’s also said it is the most seen trekking area in Nepal and is widely known and popular among tourists. Ghandruk provides the people with excellent opportunities to get the scenic views of mountains of Annapurna range, such as machhapuchhre, Himachuli, etc. Ghanduk has been in a position to popularize itself because the”property of gurungs.” Because of this, it’s likewise said as”ghandrung” on a number of those maps.

Located On the other side of this gorgeous lakeside Pokhara, ghandruk is a gorgeous place located in Nepal to enhance scenic beauty.


The The inscriptions dating back into the lichhavi stage have been observed within this place. Chitlang is a gorgeous place with panoramic beauty. Aside from the scenic and natural beauty, this area can be rich in its ethnic diversity. Individuals from other cultures live within this area like Tamang individuals, khas individuals, Newari folks, and the men and women who practice mixed culture.

Many seeing areas like”majhagau” where notably Newari people and civilization, add to the attractiveness of this area, bhairab temples, and natural village hotels.

Chitlang Is a renowned tourist destination amongst Nepalese and individuals from various nations. This location was in a position to supply a panoramic character perspective and the essential lodging facilities to the people who remain.


Chandragiri Is the municipality located at the Kathmandu district of this Bagmati Zone. It’s geographically situated in the central development area. Chandragiri municipality is famed for its Chandragiri hills, where folks see through foot paths too. It’s its history in addition to mythological significance.

The Breathtaking views of the Kathmandu valley together with all the luscious green landscape leaves any individual visit this location more than once. Not just the landscape, but also the scenic views of Himalayan ranges from Annapurna to Everest additionally makes any individual feel like using a view of the entire of Nepal out of this gorgeous location.

Bhaleshwor Mahadev temple’s mythical narrative, in which Satidevi’s Satidevi’s brow has been disposed, leaves the people with spiritual spirit to see this location. Additionally, it has a historic importance associated with king Prithvi Narayan Shah, he had detected Kathmandu valley out of this specific location.

Chandragiri Can be attained with all the foot- paths by hiking from the thankot location. Many people see this location with family in addition to with friends.


Simikot is the area by which the people execute the Kailash tour.

Simikot Is a gorgeous place located in the mountainous area reachable from Nepal’s developed components from atmosphere. Simikot has developed itself via the supply of necessary facilities such as roadways and radio channels. Mt. Kailash, the middle of the world, according to many Asians, is seen by people drifting from simikot.

The most important aim of visiting this location would be to trek to see Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar Lake. Through the trip from simikot into Kailash, trekkers traveling together with historical pilgrimage and exchange connections, hiking across the boundary to the Tibet.

Simikot Is readily accessible from the developed portions of Nepal, and also the trekkers use this location to really have a Kailash tour travel.


It Is a gorgeous area famous for its botanical garden where distinct plants, birds, and trees are available. It’s a gorgeous destination for hikers for trekking. Not just the hikers, however, it’s also a gorgeous location for your own bird and bird watchers and to research the Godavari botanical garden.

The racing streams and shady meadows from the Godavari botanical garden bring the traffic. It’s also famed for a picnic place, and critters are seeing and relationship place among the teens and time spending place for your household.

A path also contributes to the Godavari Kunda, a spring in which the Godavari River pours’ holy water are available. A huge party occurs in the Godavari temple after every 12 years at the fall season. Pilgrims from across the country take part in the reasonable termed Maha Kumbhamela.

A great deal of videos and movies shooting occurs from the Godavari garden during the year. The greenery and floral environment with lovely flowers leave a gorgeous belief in the mind of their tourists and visitors each year.


Ghalegaun The village is located at roughly 108 km northwest of Kathmandu valley and 12.5 km north of Pokhara, along with the Annapurna Himalayan range also encircles it.

Ghalegaun Is a gorgeous village accentuated with all the lifestyle and culture of the Gurung people. Visitors to ghalegaun are well versed with all the offerings of garland and tika and also the operation of traditional dancing and songs in addition to the farewell tunes when guests leave from this location.

The location could entice tourists with lovely trekking paths. The hiking area is filled with cultural and cultural variation. This excursion also has a museum full of Gurung paintings gathered in their ancestors.

A Visitor with attention to hike and revel in the beauty of the Himalayan selection Mainly visits this location. The pure beauty and lovely surroundings to glow.