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10 Unique Gifts For Your Dad You Can Give On This Nepali Father’s Day 2078

You don’t need another button down for the man in your life. Or a tie. Or a picture frame. Your dad is hard to shop for and deserves a gift that’s as thoughtful and creative as you are. You should give your dad, grandpa or father-in law, one of these Father’s Day gifts. You can find the perfect gift for your dad, even if he has everything or doesn’t want it.

We have done all the legwork for you. We have compiled the best gift ideas from virtual experiences that he can enjoy in his own home to last-minute Amazon deals that fit within your budget (both affordable and expensive). Every gift is customized to suit the needs of a unique dad. You can’t go wrong if you pick right.

Father’s Day in Nepal is celebrated in the Nepali month Bhadra (bhdauauNsii). This day is significant because it celebrates father’s role in our lives. This day is also known as Buwa Ko Mukh Herne DIN (bubaako-mukh hernedin), KusheAausi (kusheauNsii), and Day to Respect Father (“pitaa smmaan divisions or pitRsmmaan divisions).

Father’s Day is celebrated to wish him good health, endless happiness, and a long life.There are many father’s day gifts for Nepal.


Giftmandu can deliver gifts to Nepal for your dad. Send dad great gifts even if he is miles away to celebrate Father’s Day. The following 10 top-rated gifts are recommended for Father’s Day delivery to Nepal. These gifts can be ordered online and delivered in Nepal for Father’s Day.

10 Unique Gifts For Your Dad You Can Give On This Nepali Father’s Day 2078

1. 3D Screen Magnifier

He won’t need to strain his eyes or crane neck as he watches the news, reads highlights from ESPN or binges Netflix. The foldable phone stand will double the screen size, up to 12 inches wide, once he has placed his device on it.

2. Custom Pet Portrait

You know dad’s dog is his favorite “kid”. You can send one of his dog photos to this Etsy seller and they will make a custom print with your best friend’s name.

3. Wireless 3-in-1 Charger

Instead of having to deal with a bunch of cables and cords, he can charge all three of his most used devices — iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch — from one place. To keep them out of his sight, he can loop any unutilized cables into the storage compartment beneath.


4. Stand for Personalized Watches

You might want to help him show off his collection of watches, since he has so many. This wooden stand can hold three watches, leather, stainless steel, or any other. It also comes with a personalized message to help him get started.

5. Organic Mushroom Growing Kit

To grow his own vegetables, he doesn’t even need to have a lot of land. Simply open the box and spray the soil with the mister. You can harvest the mushrooms 10 days later.

6. Sweet and Savory Hot Sauce Duo

This hot sauce duo will balance his palate. One is sweetened with mango and pineapple, while the other is rich in cilantro, parsley, and other herbs.

7. Family Style Electric Griddle

Your dad can use this 19″ x11″ griddle to make multiple pancakes at once the next time he’s pancake duty. If he prefers to tailgate, he can use the griddle to grill tons upon game day.

8. Tin Can Pencil Holder

An old tin can can be recycled. You can paint the can and add a photo. It can be used by Dad to store pencils, flowers, or any other items he may need.

9. Father’s Day Trophy

These trophies allow kids to unleash their creativity. Allow them to have fun in the art supply bin.

10. Sabai Bhhanda Best Dad Ever Tshirt

This tshirt is an original gift to send to Nepal for Father’s Day. It is made from 100% cotton and pre-shrunk with a durable front print and fine finishing. You can choose from three sizes: large (L), extra-large (XL), and double (XXL).

nepali father's day gifts t-shirt best dad ever

Your father will be proud to receive the best dad ever tshirt gift. This will be a lasting gift that will remind your dad that he is the greatest dad. Deals on the best dad tshirt packages may be available.

Men’s clothing Including formal shirts, polo-tshirts and personalized tshirts. These are all great gifts for father’s day.