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What Is The Current Time in Kathmandu Nepal

Nepal, the country of mountains and the land of Gods, have something to offer to every tourist. But not all of them can afford to visit the high country during the time of the bad weather.

The most ideal time to visit Nepal, according to the local people, is during the time of the year that does not have any major disturbances in the atmosphere, the time of the monsoon, or the time of the rainfall. So from June to October is the best time to go there.

However, Nepal received heavy hit during the recent earthquake and floods which could affect the tourism.

Nepal received severe earthquake on 2015. When the disaster struck, many travelers who were on their way to visitubship were stopped dead at the crossing. As the numbers of dead grew, people got confused as to what time is it in Nepal, and thus many lost their lives.

The weather map of the area said that it is experiencing a severe drought at that time. Since it is an important travel destination and the weather conditions there are often affected by other factors, many travelers may be wondering what time is it in Nepal.

There are a couple of ways you can find out what time it is in Nepal. One is to use a weather map that shows the current weather conditions. The Nepal meteorological department issues a weather map every month. You can access this map through online Nepal hotel websites. It is important to note that these charts are meant for general information and should not be used in actual weather conditions.

Another method is to consult your satellite navigation. There are some online websites which provide updated weather information for Nepal. These websites provide a Nepal weather map and list out what time it is in Nepal, along with monsoon season, average temperature, cloud cover, rainfall, and much more.

Your next step would be to find a Nepal travel guide to help you decide the right time to visit. There are numerous guides available online. Some provide basic information on what time it is in Nepal. They also include travel tips, where to find great mountain view views, and which places of interest are best to explore.

These Nepal travel guides provide accurate information and they are updated on a monthly basis. Most offer pictures that illustrate what time it is in Nepal. Most include the weather map as well so you can get a better idea of what the weather is going to be like. These charts will help you plan your trip and ensure that you have the time of your life visiting all the must see sites of the country.

If you are planning a honeymoon, you will need to know what time it is in Nepal to book your hotel. Once you know when the weather will be at its best, you can then look for the top hotels. The hotels vary in location, quality, and cost.


To make your decision easier, you should use a Nepal travel guide that provides information on everything you need to know about Nepal. These include what time it is in Nepal to go to the nearest town, how long you should stay in a hotel, and what is the weather like at any time of the year. This information will allow you to plan your itinerary ahead of time so that you can make the most of your time there.

With your Nepal travel guide, you will discover that Nepal’s geography varies greatly.

Time in Kathmandu Nepal

No matter what your preference, knowing what time it is in Nepal will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience regardless of where you choose to visit. A weather chart is an excellent way to navigate your way through this wonderful country and will help you avoid becoming disoriented on the way to your destination.

Current Time in Kathmandu Nepal